Raymond Bulambula, Jack Roy, David Mabubu and Joe Dhamanydji making yidaki.


Susan Balbanga

Susan’s mats, dilly bags, baskets and fish traps are in high demand.


Joe Dhamanydji

Joe Dhamanydji brought these into the art centre today. Each of these paintings relate to an important ceremony for Gupapuyngu Clan called Ngarra Business.


Margaret Rarru

​Bathi Mul (black Dilly Bags)


​Because of the nature of the items we carry and the remote location of the art centre it is difficult to estimate shipping charges for items not within Australia Post parameters. For large, heavy or bulky items, once you have completed the checkout process, we will respond with a final costing on shipping and get your approval to proceed with the order before charges are made.



MILINGIMBI ART AND CULTURE CENTRE is located on the foreshore of Milingimbi Community facing the Arafura Sea. Yurrwi is the traditional name for the island however you will see it on most maps as Milingimbi. The Island is located approximately 500km East of Darwin and just 15km from the mainland.

ACCESS is by air or by sea. Fly Tiwi operates a Darwin to Milingimbi service on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Charter flights are also available through Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and Air Frontier - these are small planes and load limits apply.

PERMITS are required to enter Milingimbi Community. For more information visit the Northern Land Council website for more information and application forms.

ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation is available on the island at Rulku Lodge, bookings can be made online.

Rulku Lodge, Milingimbi
0488094597 / 0488094597
Lot 197, Gadupu Rd NT 0822 Australia



Please contact us by email [email protected] to arrange your visit. Please let us know early so that we can check our availability. The Art Centre has many functions and may be engaged in work outside the centre which can affect opening hours.

Hours of business:
9:00 - 4:00 Monday - Friday


Address: LOT 53 Madumungun Road, Milingimbi NT 0822
Postal Address: MILINGIMBI ART AND CULTURE CENTRE, Milingimbi Community, Milingimbi NT 0822
Phone: 08 8987 9888
Fax: 08 8987 9841
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Milingimbi Art and Culture Centre



The Milingimbi Art and Culture Centre is

home to beautiful paintings of ochre on bark and recently ochre on
canvas and ochre on paper. Traditional arts and crafts - yidaki
(didgeridoo), spears, shell necklaces, fighting sticks…all showing
traditional markings and symbology that has been handed down thousand’s
of years to be told through artwork by artists young and old. Through
their work they tell the stories of the Dreaming and the Creation of the
land, stories that are their responsibility given to them by their
mothers, fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers. They tell their
stories with great pride and deep connections.


RAYMOND BULAMBULA painting on bark with ochre.


DAVID MABUBU painting yidaki (didgeridoo) using ochre and white clay.



OUR MISSION is to preserve and foster Yolgnu culture. Milingimbi Art and Culture Centre facilitates cultural activity within the community and supports the production of artwork, decorated implements, instruments and objects and holds archival records of all artwork produced by its artists. The Art Centre is a community owned enterprise and is an important source of income for its 153 artists and their families.



Milingimbi is renowned for its bark paintings and the artists’ use of traditional media and imagery that draws on thousands of years of cultural knowledge and ceremony. The use of ochre maintains an integral link to ancestral and cultural pasts, in ceremony, as elaborate body paintings on cultural artefacts and artworks as ochre on bark, paper and canvas, carvings, yidaki (didgeridoo) and burial poles. Four main colours found on the islands foreshore comprise a palette unique to Milingimbi and the Crocodile Islands. White clay for painting is dug up from a sandy beach of a nearby island.

Milingimbi’s weavers harvest pandanus and colours from adjacent islands to produce beautiful mats, dilly bags, baskets, fish traps and string bags, using the same materials and techniques their mothers and grandmothers used before them.

Artwork from Milingimbi is shown in national and international museums and gallery collections including the British Museum, Australian National Gallery, New South Wales Art Gallery, Queensland Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Western Australia.


The Milingimbi Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation is a community owned Art Centre that maintains an important position in the national art and cultural arena. Milingimbi Art and Culture has a long history of producing works steeped in active cultural practice such as barks, ceremonial poles, carvings and weavings. Works from Milingimbi are integral to important collections in many National and International institutions.

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that this website may contain images and voices of deceased persons.


Milingimbi Sustainability - Our crowd funding campaign

Help us buy engine for our boat and a second hand car to tow it so we can access our country for the sustainable harvest of natural materials that we use to make art works and run our ceremonies. To join our crowd funding campaign please visit .


Larrakitj Project

​The Art Centre has been working hard on producing Larrakitj (ceremonial poles) for commissions to institutions and collectors in the last six months. We are looking forward to purchasing our car so we can continue harvesting materials for this project.


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