Volunteer FAQ

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the art centre.  The centre has limited resources and skilled volunteers can make an important contribution to our projects.  We have a process to manage volunteers as it is important that we are able to match your skill set to our projects.

The art centre is recruiting volunteers who can work off-site / on-line and have skills in these areas; fundraising, media and public relations, grant writing and collection management.

We are also interested in talking to volunteers interested in working on-site that have experience in building maintenance and photographic lighting studio set up.

To apply for a volunteer position please send an email with your CV, including two references to art@milingimbiart.com .

How much time do I need to commit?

Online volunteering is flexible and  2-3 hours per week would be good.  We also schedule phone or skype calls which can be done out of hours to help support our volunteers and their project work.

On-site volunteering is flexible depending on the agreed tasks and objectives. Around two weeks is a good starting point to consider.

What does the art centre provide?

The art centre has limited resources, we are unable to pay for costs incurred eg internet, phone calls or travel expenses.