Milminydjarrk at Ŋurruyurrdj


33.5 x 30cm / PAINTING – Ochre on Bark

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This design and its story belong to the Dhuwa moiety. The artist explains that it depicts the country and sacred fresh waterholes at Ŋurruyurrdj. The specific area is Ŋanmarrawuy, a Ŋarra ceremonial ground. 

The  Djan’kawu sisters (creators) are responsible for having made the fresh water at Ŋurruyurrdj. They pierced the ground with their dhoṉa (digging sticks). The thing black triangular shapes in the upper section of this painting represent the dhoṉa of the Djan’kawu. The circles in the lower two thirds of this work represent milminydjarrk.

Wirrimbitj explains, ‘I look after this miny’tji ga dhäwu (design and story) for my mothers clan. My son has to learn his momu’s miny’tj from me.’ 

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