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Latjin ga Birku’ (#254-20)



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Artist: Darryl Yatjany


Size/ medium: 85 x 10 x 10 cm / HOLLOW LOG – Ochre on Wood

Latjin (mangrove worms) are a totem belonging to the Manydjikay Wolbukarra clan. They are sung about in Wolbukarra manikay (songlines) and painted onto the chest of young men during Dhapi (Initiation ceremony).  

Latjin live in the giyapara (mangrove tree). In this miny’tji (clan design) latjin are represented by the linked diamond shapes. The rrack (cross hatching) signifies that they are fresh and there is energy running through them. Latjin are also an abundant food source on the  Wobulkarra homeland of Laŋarra (Howard Island).