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Malarra Clan Totems (#72-20)



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Artist: David Yarrung Roy


Size/ medium: 137 x 11 x 11 cm / HOLLOW LOG – Ochre on Wood

The Larratitja (barracuda) is a significant totem animal for the Malarra people and their homeland at Marrunga, a remote island to the east of Milingimbi. Larratitja has travelled to Marrunga to lay Mapu (eggs) and in doing so has created a sand bar on the eastern side of the island named Yakamunga. Larratitja then continues to travel east to Galiwinku. The Rarrk or hatching in this work represents ocean currents through which Larratitja is swimming. Also depicted are Dikarr (small flying fish) which inhabit the deep salt water off Marrunga, Yarlurr (sea snake), Rrathi (phosphorescence).