Warrnyu at Ŋaliyindi


124 x 13 cm / HOLLOW LOG – Ochre on Wood

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Warrnyu (Flying Fox) is an important totem for the Malibirr Ganalbiŋu clan. Warrnyu gather in large numbers around freshwater river at Barra’ŋur and the large billabong at the Ganalbiŋu homeland of Ŋaliyindi. This Warrnyu miny’tji (Flying Fox design) holds a sacred story that is painted on men’s bodies during certain ceremonies including Dhapi (men’s initiation ceremony) and Ŋärra’ (cleansing ceremony).  It is also made into raŋga (sacred ceremonial objects). This story talks about water bodies that connect different parts of their clan estate, which then flow out toward the sea, connecting them with other clans as it passes through their estates. The artist tells the story:

“All those warrnyu (flying foxes) are living there at Barra’ŋur – buŋgan warrnyunhan – smelling that smell of sweet flower in the air. They are noisy! Big family there – big ones, small ones, baby ones. They calling out that gurtha nhära ga/djungi baṉati (burning fire) – with their big noise. Then that fire came and they flew to a different camp – my camp, Yirritja place; Muwaṉgi, Ŋaliyindi – deep billabong that one. But all that area is one, all Ganalbiŋu. That story is long time one, old one. There’s more to that story, but not for here.”

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