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Miyapunu ga Djewuḻ, Mäḻarra ga Gamaḻaŋga (#264-21)



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Artist: Benjamin Bänyaŋ Lee

Category: PAINTING

Size/ medium: 88.5 x 41.3 cm / PAINTING – Ochre on Bark

Miyapunu ga Djewuḻ (Turtle and Sea Dollars), Mäḻarra ga Gamaḻaŋga is a Märi-gutharra painting, depicting two tribes who are related as grandmother-grandchild through the female line. The juvenile green turtle or walanŋu belongs to the Gamaḻaŋga clan, and the star-like djewuḻ or sea dollars depicted down the sides belong to the Mäḻarra clan. Djewuḻ is the turtle’s food.

Our staff have attached aluminium strapping to the back of this artwork. It is ready to hang.