Paddy Mugabi

Ŋaliya Gunda (sacred rock at Ŋaliya) (#199-19)

Etching, 20 x 10 cm, 2019

Ŋaliya is a sacred rock that stands in gapu moṉuk (a point at which fresh and salt water come together) on Gamalangka and Gorriyindi country roughly between Marungga and Gudipa islands in the Crocodile Islands group. Ŋaliya has two holes, where fish named bithak swim and maṉba (snub nosed dolphins) play.

Ŋaliya also represents the Marratjirri (morning star pole), a feathered ceremonial object made of nany’burrurr (feathered string), darpa (wood) and ochre. The footprints of the mulunda, a small sea bird is painted on the ends of the nany’burrurr which is connected to the Ŋaliya site by ceremonial ringitj (songlines).

When cyclones approach this country Ŋaliya stands above the water and directs the cyclone away from Maringa clan estates, protecting them from harm.

The person whose passing inspired the Bäpurru memorial was a strong Gorriyindi leader named after this site.



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