Gurrumaṯtji at Ŋaliyindi


30 x 12cm / PAINTING – Ochre on Bark

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This painting belongs to Djipurrtjun’s Ganalbiŋu Malibirr clan. It depicts the billabong Ŋaliyindi near Muwaṉgi, the Arafura Swamp, on Ganalbiŋu country near Ramingining. There you can find nyaŋura (long-necked turtle), nyuŋala’ (oxe-eye herring), wäkwak (waterlilies) and the much-coveted gurrumaṯtji (magpie goose), known as gumaŋ, in GanalbiŋuFloating amongst all this life are djalŋiny (leeches) and räkay (water reed with its edible rush corm). The dots that fill out the painting are maḏitj, the seeds of the waterlily which are eaten by gurrumaṯtji and found in the waters of the swamp.


Written by MM and SH, checked by Djipurrtjun 3/9/2021. Djipurrtjun said this story also pertains to Barra’ŋur (which is nearby), so it could be adapted to refer to Barra’ŋur instead or in addition.

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