Guḻa’ Warrnyu ga Gapu Raypiny (Flying Fox Faeces and Fresh Water)



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Size/ medium: 38 x 15.5 / PAINTING – Ochre on Board

This painting is of an important Ganalbiŋu Malibirr songline about Warrnyu (Flying Fox) and the flow of different Dhuwa and Yirritja waters throughout Malibirr country and onwards, connecting them in reciprocal ceremonial relationships with other clans.

This painting shows the small flower-like representations of guḻa’ warrnyu (bat faeces) amongst the Yirritja gapu raypiny (freshwater) of Barra’ŋur, a sacred watercourse that follows an underground aqueduct across Malibirr country and connects this clan with other nearby clans. These waters flow between the deep waters of the Ŋaliyindi billabong – the artist’s homeland – and Miliway, a thin and turbulent stretch of water that separates Laŋarra (Howard Island) and the mainland. These moving waters are represented by the rärrk (cross-hatching).


Story by Matthew Djipurrtjun and Peter Djurrgurr. Recorded and written by Max Moon. Edited by Salome Harris with Matthew Djipurrtjun.