Donate to Milingimbi Arts and the Djalkiri Culture Fund

The Djalkiri Culture Fund supports the continuation and growth of cultural practice in Yurrwi. Djalkiri Culture projects bring the community together so that elders can share their knowledge with young people. The fund also contributes to the development of infrastructure to support the work of the art centre.

Djalkiri projects make our
community thrive

Djalkiri projects have social benefits for the community and create a sense of well being. Djalkiri means walking in the footsteps of our ancestors, this is the guiding principle for all our projects and the heartbeat of the art centre. Our Djakari Keeping Place program is 100% supported through philanthropic and grant funds.

Your donation will go to support community projects such as artist bush trips to island homelands to share skills and knowledge, art centre acquisitions of important cultural works, digital and physical re-patronisation schemes, and special creative programs.

Donations to Milingimbi Art and Culture Centre’s Djalkiri Fund are tax deductible.

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