Roslyn Markapuy

Markapuy a Gupapuyŋu Birrkili women and the oldest daughter of renowned Garrawurra weaver and painter Margaret Rarru. Her relationship as child of a Garrawurra woman makes her djuŋgaya for the Garrawurra clan. This means she has certain rights and responsibilities for the clan. Along with all the other children and grandchildren of the Garrawurra, Markapuy is responsible for knowing everything about the law and ceremony of the Garrawurra and must carry out certain work. At ceremonies, particularly Ŋärra (Cleansing Ceremony), the Garrawurra leaders delegate work to their waku and gutharra (children and grandchildren in the female line). The waku and gutharra ensure the ceremony is practiced correctly and also support it logistically, making sure that the right people are there, and painting the body paint designs onto participants. They also carry out other work to support the ceremony like cooking, cleaning and driving. They wear the Garrawurra body paint design, perform in the ceremony, and teach the ceremony to specific people.

As well as being an artist Markapuy has worked at the Milingimbi clinic as a health worker and school as teachers assistant.



Dhuwala (Gupapuyŋu)

Gupapuyŋu Birrkili Garawirrtja


Roslyn Markapuy Milminydjarrk at Garriyak, both ochre on board 61 x 40cm 2021