Darryl Yatany

Darryl Yatjany

Yatjany is an emerging artist and the the oldest son of senior Wobulkara Manyjikay man, Timothy Miliŋinbi and weaver Emma Gundurrubuy. He learnt Wobulkarra Manyjikay Rom (Law), Manikay (songs), Riŋgitj (dreaming tracks) and Miny’tji (designs) from his father and father’s brother, Raymond Bulambula.

Yatjany grew up on his mother country, Räpuma, an island just to the north-east of Milingimbi. Räpuma is an outstation with no shop, as Yatjany describes it, “just fish”. Yatjany remembers traveling to Milingimbi as a child for ceremony and to visit family. During these times he was surprised to see food and bottled soft drink that had been purchased from the shop. 

 During Yatjany’s childhood there was an outstation school at Rapuma. One Balanda (European) teacher and one Yolŋu teacher taught all the students. The school was open every second week. 

Yatjany says that growing up on an outstation is a good life with lots of time for hunting stingray, oyster, turtle, mullet, turtle eggs and goanna. 




Laŋarra (Howard Island)

Daryl Yatjany, Collection of painted hollow logs, ochre on wood 2021.