Matthew Djipurrtjun

Matthew Djipurrtjun, also known as Teapot (a name he inherited from his maternal grandfather), is a Ganalbiŋu Malibirr man. He lives in Milingimbi by his mothers Gamalaŋga country, but his country is around the Arafura Swamp east of Ramingining, a place he visits as often as he can. His family belongs to the Gandarrŋur Malibirr people, whose country is gandarrŋur (meaning ‘in the middle’).

Djipurrtjun comes from a strong line of artists, including his father’s father Ŋulmarmar, his father Djilminy, his father’s brother Milpurrurru and aunt Djukuḻuḻ. He also paints his mother’s Gamalaŋga miny’tji (clan design), for which he is djuŋgaya (ritual manager).

Djipurrtjun and his brothers were taught by their father to paint, and sing and dance manikay (ancestral songlines). He is active in ceremony and seen as an emerging cultural leader by many in the community. The designs he paints for Milingimbi Art and Culture are miny’tji (sacred clan designs) that are used in Malibirr ceremonies; painted on bodies, memorial poles and other raŋga (ceremonial objects). 

“All my paintings, they got story. All from Ŋaliyindi, my yirralka (homeland). Special place that one. Sacred country for me. Too much animals there, by that big billabong. They are my dreaming, that warrnyu (flying fox), waṯu (dog), ḻidjiḻidji (finch). 






Burarra, Dhuwal (Djambarrpuyŋu), Ganalbingu, Yan-nhangu