Thomas Gulumbu Warrabunbun Teeshirt


Design is screen printed in Australia on AS 100% Unisex Staple Tee in Cream White

Model is 162 cm tall and wearing a size S

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Thomas has depicted his märi’s (mother’s mother) Warrawarra clan Warrabunbun dreaming. Warrabunbun, or in his märi’s Burarra language, Wuypa, inhabits Gamurra Gu-yurra, located on the mainland to the west of Milingimbi. He is not the spirit of a person, but a maḻagatj, a supernatural being that looks after Warrawarra country. He goes in the early morning from Gamurra Gu-yurra down to a waterhole called Muḻmuḻma to get water. He hides in the shade, and can sometimes be heard whistling or calling out. He has white and black spots on his body, and eats dhaŋgi (billygoat plum) and warraga (cycad nuts). In this design he is carrying a gara (hunting spear) and a burlupurr (the Burarra word for dilly bag)

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