Special acquisition of Gapu Murnuk exhibition by the Australian Embassy Washington DC USA

We are excited to announce a special acquisition of artwork from the Gapu Murnuk Exhibition by the Australian Embassy, Washington D.C. USA. Congratulations to artists Alfred Walpay, Helen Ganalmiriwuy, Mandy Batjula, Helen Milminydjarrk and Raymond Bulambula whose work will be part of the Australian Embassy Collection and be on display in their new Washington D.C. headquarters, soon to be constructed. The works include a group of Larrakitj (ceremonial poles) featuring the Garrawarra bold stripe designs, Alfred Walpay’s Lumba Lumba Marma (two emus) made from sedge grass and the Gurriyindi Marratjiri (ceremonial pole) by Raymond Bulambula and his late wife. 

Thank you to the Australian Embassy for all their continued support through the Gapu Murnuk exhibition and this acquisition.

Gapu Murnuk is the coming together of freshwater and saltwater, the muddy and the clean. As the gapu (water) travels it brings with it the tides. Gapu gamurray (saltwater) and gapu raping (freshwater) meet and create something else: gapu murnuk. Gapu murnuk is celebrated for its wealth and abundance, or dharruwa ngata, meaning lots of food, including fish and crocodile eggs. In Yolngu ceremonies gapu murnuk often represents the interconnected relationships between Yirritja and Dhuwa: the two complementary categories that structure every element in the universe.

Thank you to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australian Government) for supporting the Gapu Murnuk exhibition.