Bäpurru – artist memorial

The Milingimbi Artist Memorial was conceived in 2018, following the sudden death of an important artist, director and art worker. The memorial was made by representative artists from each of the resident clans in Milingimbi. 

Each artist etched a copper plate that honours a specific clan and the artists that have passed away, yet contributed greatly to Milingimbi’s rich artistic heritage. These etchings are available for sale as the Bäpurru set and individually.  

The copper etched plates are mounted on the external wall of the mud brick building that houses the centre. This building was built by the artists’ forefathers who stamped the mud to make the bricks. Our current artists refer to this building as embodying ‘Djalkiri’, the impetus to follow in the footsteps of one’s ancestors. 

We are gratreful for the support this project received from the Northern Territory Governemnt Community Benefit Fund.

Image 1: Jocelyn Gumirrmirr. Image 2:Lorrienne Manamana. Image 3: Daryl Yatjany. Image 4:Joe Dhamanydji.