Fi Nginita, Durrmu Arts and Milingimbi Art and Culture weavers working together on homelands

The Homelands of artist’s Regina Wilson (Durrmu Arts) and sisters Lily Roy and Bonnie Burangarra (Milingimbi Art and Culture) are 900km’s apart. However, there is a connection between Peppminarti and Yilan – they share in a tradition of twining Milarr (jungle vine or malaisia scandens) and Gunga (pandanus spirilius) to make woven baskets (Mindirr) and fish traps (Angidjatjiya).

As a consequence of the presence of missionaries in the 1940’s weaving knowledge and techniques fell out of living memory in Peppimenarti. In 2014 Milingimbi artists came together with Durrmu artists to teach skills in harvesting natural fibres and twining techniques. As portrayed in this short film – it was honour for all artists involved to connect in this way.

This project was supported by the Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists (ANKA) Cultural Legacy Program.
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