Helen Ganalmiriwuy

Congratulations to weaver Helen Ganalmirriwuy – finalist in the 35th NATSIAA

Milingimbi Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation

35th Telstra NATSIAA

Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT)11 August – 25 November 2018

We are excited to announce that Helen Ganalmirriwuy is a finalist in the 35th Telstra NATSIAA 11 August – 25 November 2018. Helen Ganalmirriwuy was born in Milingimbi and grew up on her mothers homeland at Langarra (Howard Island). Ganalmirriwuy is a master weaver who works daily with her sister, Margaret Rarru on a diverse range of weaving designs such as Bathi Mul (black dilly bags), pandanus mats, bags, baskets and and a variety of Balgurr (bush string) works that exemplify her knowledge of knotting, weaving and form. Ganalmirriwuy’s work is characterised by its fine quality and striking dye patterns.

We look forward to the Telstra NATSIAA exhibition and seeing Helen’s weaving with all the finalists artworks.