Collaboration with Koskela for the Westpac reflection pods

The Reflection Pods were designed by Koskela and Yuwaalaraay artist Lucy Simpson who was inspired by the local Sydney language word Dyalgala, which means to hold or embrace. Elcho Island Artists and Milingimbi and Culture weavers brought the designs to life using Gunga (pandanus leaves) and Balgur (kurrajong trees) fibres. The three metre wide domes are composed of light metal frames, the largest of the pods spanning over three metres. Each pod is suspended over an alcove, to create a quiet space in the busy workplace. 

We would like to acknowledge The Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists (ANKAA) for their assistance in providing a Training and Development Support grant in 2017. This allowed weavers from Elcho Island to visit our art centre as trainers. Special thanks to Koskela for initiating this project and collaborating with our weavers. 

Photos by: Maree Homer