George Dangi has painted the Djiliwirri Guku design (honey design) because he is a Gupapuyngu man of Yirritja moiety. This design is commonly painted onto the body during the Ngarra mens ceremony and Dhapi (making man) ceremony.

During the ceremony the men lie on their back whilst there family members carefully add layers of ochre in intricate designs to their chest. Dangi’s artwork is a specific representation of the Djiliwirri Guku design – there are many variations. The diamond pattern represents Guku Galanyin (bush honey wax).

Geoge dangi guku painting design

Geoge Dangi Guku painting

When the Ngarra ceremony is finished the men dance to the salt water and are cleansed by people of the Dhuwa moiety who splash them, washing the clan designs from their chests.

George Dangi, Djiliwirri Guku Body Paint Design, ochre on marine ply, 61 x 41cm, 2016

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