Walma – Moon Rise Exhibition at Koskela

Remember to pop into Koskela to see the Walma – Moon Rise Exhibition.  Walma is a Yolŋu word, translating as ‘to emerge’ or ‘rise’, particularly in relation to the sun and moon, thus embodying the confidence and optimism within the current generation of Indigenous artists, and their continuation of the world’s oldest living culture.

The artworks in the exhibition are black and white and were made by eighteen Indigenous artists from ten different language groups. The rare black bathi(baskets) made by Margaret Rarru and Helen Ganalmirriwuy are featured in the show.

The bathi are a conical basket dyed solid black which gives them an enigmatic and austere character. Made by weavers Margaret Rarru and Helen Ganalmirriwuy they have lustrous black tones. Through a lifetime of weaving Rarru has experimented with many techniques and concepts in her woven fibre objects.

Don’t forget to drop into the store to see our handwoven pandanus bathi from Milingimbi Art Centre. We are delighted to be working with Koskela as they are committed to working with artists on projects which are sustainable and meaningful.

See the show at Koskela, 85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018.