Abigail Mundjala

Abigail Mundjala is an emerging artist and wife of senior artist and law-man, Wilson Manydjarri. Her creative practice includes delicate shell, seed and bone jewellery as well as weaving with natural fibres and painting with ochre.  

Abigail grew up surrounded by her aunties and observed their weaving and contributed to the daily routines of harvesting and preparing bush fibres. Abigail is passionate about ceremonial life and is known for her graceful ceremonial dancing and bush knowledge. 

Whilst harvesting bulgurr (kurrajong) Abigail notices that it is in flower and tell us that this indicates that the bul’manydji (shark) and ganawuyma (turtle) are getting fat and ready to hunt. She goes on to explain her husband and children’s intimate clan connection to the bul’manydji.

Abigail attends the art centre daily to learn from senior weavers Helen Gannalmirriwuy, and Margaret Rarru. She explains that; “first I was watching Rarru and Ganalmirriwuy collecting gunga and colour (used in weaving). They picked me and showed me how to get gunga and make colour. Sometimes I use black weaving, and white, yellow and red. First I learned (to weave with) bulgurr and second weaving with gunga. My husband shows me how to make paintings, I watched him make larrakitj (hollow log) and naku (bark) and I am learning that painting. I practice rrark (cross hatching), and painting bul’manydji (shark). That bul’manydji is my ngama (mother), and djanda goanna is my waku (son).” 

Abigail was born in 1978 and has lived in Yurrwi (Milingimbi) all of her life. Today she lives with her husband, their children and extended family.