Lumbalumba ga Guku


20 x 10 cm / PRINT – Etching

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Lumbalumba ga Guku (emu and honey bee) are two totems belonging to the Gupapuyŋu clan of the Yirritja moiety. 

In this etching Lumbalumba is represented along with his mapu (eggs) and wayawu (tracks) at the top of the piece. The mapu are inside the central circle. The wayawu show that the Lumbalumba has been going to and from the nest looking after the mapu. The rärrk (cross hatching) between the wayawu represent Yirritja Guku – flowing honey inside the hive. The diamond shapes below the Lumbalumba designs are Guku Galanyin – bee’s wax inside the hive. The central rectangle is the Larrakara, an internal part of the tree that the nose of the hive connects to. 

The Guku Galanyin miny’tji (honey design) is painted onto the body of deceased Gupapuyŋu people’s bodies as part of funeral ceremonies, and later decorates their skulls once the bones are ready to be interred in the djaḻumbu (hollow log coffin). This miny’tji is also painted onto the chests of young men during Dhapi (Initiation ceremonies). 

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