Judy Lirririnyin Baṉumbirr (morning star) Tee Shirt


Design is screen printed in Australia on AS 100% Unisex Staple Tee in Dusty Rose

Model is 170 cm tall and wearing a size M

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The Djambarrpuyŋu clan’s Baṉumbirr (morning star) is connected to Djarraya and Luŋurruŋur countries on the Napier Peninsula south-east of Galiwin’ku (Elcho Island). The word Baṉumbirr refers to the morning star and to the morning star ceremonial pole depicted in this work. Banibuḻ (a

spirit), does not appear in this work, however he is important to

the Baṉumbirr story as he dances the Baṉumbirr Buŋgul (morning star ceremony) amongst yam vines and fig trees.

The genydja (native fig tree), its fruit – muḻunu – and string made from its bark dhaŋdhaŋ, adorn the Baṉumbirr in the centre of this work. The two flower-like objects at the end of the two strings are the stars which accompany baṉumbirr when it appears in the sky. Dhuwa moiety

yams, bältji and galun, are also depicted, as are boṉba (butterflies) which are flying around the yam and fig flowers. The Baṉumbirr ceremonial pole is carried during Marradjiri (a Dhuwa exchange ceremony) and is gifted between clans.

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