Wurray is a creator spirit, journeying through the country

Yolngu song men trace the epic dreamtime story of their great nomadic warrior, Wurray, across North East Arnhem Land in the top-end of Australia. Wurray is a creator, journeying through the country from the dawn through to sunsett. The songline stretches from Buckingham Bay to Raymanggirr and then to Goyder River. The journey begins at sunrise and moves across changing terrain, where Wurray encounters other characters, the Wak (Crow) and Wilata (Woodpecker).

On the journey Wurray makes a dilly bag and finds wild bush honey, which makes him thirsty. When Wurray is unable to find water he creates rain. He reaches his destination at Warrarra (sunset).

Wurray is included in the Songlines on Screen collection – see Wurray on SBS on demand

Thank you to Sutton Grange Films.

Director: Keith Lapulung Dhamarrandji
Producer: Paul Williams
Cinematography: Gavin Head
Editor: Sioux Currie
Sound Design and Mix: Marc Judson
Writers: Keith Lapulung Dhamarrandji & Paul Williams