Susan Manawarawuy Djalkiri Tee Shirt


Design is screen printed in Australia on AS 100% cotton Unisex Staple Tee in White

Model is 170 cm tall and wearing a size M

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This design shows our djalkiri girri, the important objects left to us by our ancestors and old people.

Our ancestors were clever. There was no chemist, supermarket or hardware store, but they had everything they needed in the bush and ocean around them. Using their knowledge they could turn tree bark into a strong rope, or weave leaves into bags and baskets.

Importantly, they passed this knowledge onto their children and their children’s children, so now we too can make and use these things. Some of them, like

the gaytji and maŋaḻ (shovel-nosed spear and spear-thrower), are used for hunting, while others, like the yiḏaki and biḻma (Didgeridoo and clapsticks), we use to run our ceremonies.

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